Setting out key activity milestones for employers


This tool is to support employer engagement professionals in creating a clear plan of activities and actions for employers following their agreement to host an industry placement student. 


In your early discussions with employers, you’ll have explained what’s needed from them to host a high-quality industry placement student. 

Once you’ve gained commitment from an employer to host a student it’s a good idea to set out a clear plan of the key activity milestones that need to take place to ensure a well-planned and successful industry placement for both student and employer.  

Providing a timeline of activities will give the employer with a clear understanding of what needs to happen at each stage and allow them to plan for too. 

If there is a significant amount of time between the employer agreeing to host a student and the placement starting, think about how you can stage some of the activities so that it keeps the employer engaged throughout the period.

Each school and college will have its own processes for organising, supporting and delivering industry placements which will inform what activities you include in the action plan. 

The template provided should be adapted to reflect your processes, and if you haven’t done so already you may wish to review the resource "Employer customer journey mapping".

This resource will help you to identify the key activity milestones and present these in a clear and consistent way. 

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