Employer Enquiry Handling

This tool is aimed at employer engagement colleagues to review, assess, and improve their systems and processes for incoming employer enquiries about T Levels. 

As employer engagement colleagues, you play a vital role in promoting T Levels to employers and supporting them to offer high-quality industry placements for T Level students.  

You are also often the first point of contact for employers who have questions or concerns about T Levels and how they can get involved. Therefore, it is important that you have effective systems and processes in place to handle incoming employer enquiries, provide accurate and timely information, and follow up with appropriate actions. 

This document provides a framework for you to review and improve your systems and processes for incoming employer enquiries about T Levels. It is based on the following principles: 

  • Customer focus: You should aim to provide a positive and consistent customer experience for employers who contact you about T Levels and meet their needs and expectations. 
  • Clarity and accuracy: You should ensure that you have clear and accurate information about T Levels and industry placements, and that you communicate it effectively to employers. 
  • Collaboration and coordination: You should work collaboratively and coordinate with other colleagues, teams, and partners who are involved in T Level delivery and employer engagement and share relevant information and feedback. 
  • Continuous improvement: You should monitor and evaluate your systems and processes for incoming employer enquiries and identify and implement areas for improvement. 

There are four sections to the review, each covering a key aspect of your systems and processes for incoming employer enquiries about T Levels.  
The four sections are: 
    1. Recording and tracking employer enquiries    
    2. Responding to employer enquiries    
    3. Providing information and guidance to employers    
    4. Following up and closing employer enquiries 

You can use the tool for reflection and action planning, either individually or as a team. You can also use it as a basis for discussion and feedback with your manager or other colleagues. You should aim to review your approach at least once a year, or more frequently if there are significant changes in your systems and processes, or in the T Level policy and delivery landscape. 

This tool is not intended to be a comprehensive or prescriptive checklist, but rather a flexible and adaptable guide that you can use to suit your own context and needs. You may find that some statements are more relevant or applicable to you than others, depending on your role, responsibilities, and level of experience. You may also want to add or modify some statements to reflect your own systems and processes, or the specific needs and expectations of your employer customers. 

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