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Engineering and Manufacturing industry placements - post placement



Post-placement action plan

This tool helps providers to:

  • evaluate the learning, development and accomplishments of the student during the industry placement
  • end placements in an appropriate manner
  • make sure that students know what to do when they finish their placement
  • provide high-quality support to help students plan a progression pathway after the T Level
  • encourage students to develop contacts and networks
  • develop relationships and maximise employer engagement by discussing placements for the next year through an exit survey and celebration event
  • use reflective practice to streamline and support planning of future industry placements 

This tool helps employers to:

  • complete all end of placement paperwork
  • share their experience of the placement
  • develop their relationship with the provider 

This tool helps students to:

  • have a clear understanding of how and when the placement will end
  • understand their progression pathway
  • develop their professional network 

Who is it for?

Share the action plan with all staff involved in supporting students as they finish their placement and look to their next steps, be that in education or employment. This will include:

  • staff in employer engagement
  • T Level course leaders and tutors
  • student support staff
  • careers advisers
  • employers
  • students
Post-placement action plan
Purpose Who Actions Done Further actions
Prepare for the end of placement review meeting with the student Provider & employer

Arrange a date with the student for the review meeting



Check placement learning goals have been met, especially those set against any occupational specialism, and discuss the feedback to be given to the student. Record the student's key strengths and areas for development, and their performance measured against the placement learning objectives



Check that all equipment and resources have been returned



Review and record the impact the student’s placement has had on the business



Write an appraisal for the student – this could be the closing statement in the student’s logbook and should evidence their progress against their learning goals



Ask the placement supervisor/mentor to write a reference for the student



Check the student has completed their logbook, including the summary of achievements measured against the agreed learning objectives



Review the discussions recorded at formal review points during the placement, including a record of student progress against their learning goals



Check the placement supervisor/mentor has provided a reference



Check the industry placement agreement was signed by all parties



Check SEND evidence is included (where applicable)


During the placement review meeting Employer

Provide the student with feedback on their placement



Provide the student with a reference from their placement supervisor/mentor



Ask the student for their perspective on the placement:

  • what went well?
  • what could the provider do better?
  • what could the employer do better?
  • what else could be improved?
  • what do they know now that they would have liked to have known at the start of the placement?



Ask the student if the placement has helped them to make an informed career choice about the sector



Ask the student if the placement has given them insight into the range of career roles that might be available to them



Ask the student if they have developed a clear understanding of the routes available to reach their career goals


Check the student has added the employer reference to their portfolio/professional profile and updated their CV with the skills learned and experiences gained during the placement    

Check the student has noted any work email addresses and phone numbers for people they want to keep in touch with



Encourage the student to send their placement supervisor a letter or email thanking them for their support, outlining what they learned and asking if they would be willing to give them a reference in the future



Ask the student what they will be doing next – have they registered for an apprenticeship? Will they start work? etc



Check the industry placement completion declaration form has been signed by all parties


Celebrate the industry placement Provider & employer

Share success stories on social media platforms, for example, a blog or video case study (make sure consent has been given)



Discuss sharing the placement as a case study



Plan an event to celebrate the success of the placement



Ask the student for a short presentation or video case study about what they learned during the placement and their next steps (make sure consent has been given)



Create an opportunity for the student to give a presentation at a celebration event


Reflective practice Provider & employer

Review the success of the placement with the employer. Gather feedback and identify considerations for future placements. Feedback can be collected in person, over the phone or via Microsoft Forms



Review all the feedback gathered during and after the placement and identify areas for improving future industry placements



Will the employer be offering another placement? If not, find out why



Has the employer offered the student a further opportunity such as an apprenticeship, a temporary or permanent job role, or an internship? If not, find out why


Certification Provider

Make sure the results and certification portal is completed by the required deadline and that student records are accurate.



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