About Manage T Level results

Manage T Level results is the service that exam boards and education providers use to provide DfE with the data needed to calculate overall T Level grades and issue certificates.

Tasks you can complete here include:

  • adding industry placement information
  • adding maths and English details where it is not already provided
  • requesting statements of achievement for withdrawn learners
  • downloading T Level results on results day

Adding learner information

You can add learner information manually, which means that you input all of the required data from your own records.

You can add learner information on industry placements manually, which means that you input all of the required data from your own records, or submit in bulk by uploading a CSV file to add or change the industry placement status for one or more learners. Your file must include the specific column names provided in the learner data format and rules guidance template.

Get prepared for adding a learner information manually by checking what data you need to provide and by when.


Industry placement information we ask for

Special consideration

Learners may experience difficult circumstances during their placement, which means they are unable to complete the minimum placement hours before the end of the second year.

You have the discretion to apply special consideration in some exceptional circumstances where students have demonstrated sufficient progress towards their learning goals but have not completed the minimum placement hours.

We will ask you for the total number of hours completed and the reason for granting special consideration. You should hold supporting documentation in your own files.

More about industry placement completion exceptions (opens in a new tab).

2022 to 2023 learner results

T Level results for learners starting their T Levels in 2022 to 2023 is published in line with A Level results.

The results will be available to download in csv format, or can be viewed through individual learner records.

Withdrawn learners

Awarding organisations use the Manage T Level Results service to add or update learner registrations.   Where a learner has withdrawn it’s important that you let your awarding organisation know so that they can formally update their records and the learners registered on the service.

If a learner has withdrawn but the learner record has not yet been updated, you may inform us of pending withdrawals in the service.  This will ensure you will not receive unnecessary notifications from us related to missing learner data.

Pending withdrawals can be reported through the 'Manage learner records' tile, by selecting ‘Change’ next to a learner's T Level status.



Statements of achievement

Statements of achievement are used to show which components of a T Level have been completed by a learner.

Who is entitled to a statement of achievement?

  • a learner who has not achieved all the components of their T Level
  • a learner who has withdrawn from their T Level course

More about requesting a statement of achievement (opens in a new tab).

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