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22 September 2022 - T Level Newsletter

This week's newsletter includes updates on:


October 2022 T Level data collection – for providers who registered in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023

We issued the October 2022 data collection on Monday 12 September and this will be open until Friday 7 October. This is the digital form we use to collect information about your T-Level delivery intentions.

It is important to complete this form and return it before the closing date. The data collected will be used to calculate capital specialist equipment funding allocations to support 2023 T Level delivery and to update the T Level Provider List, which will be refreshed in January 2023 and will contain information on T Level provider delivery intentions for 2023 and 2024.

If you have deferred your T Level delivery to the 2024 to 2025 academic year, you are still required to complete this form.

If you have any queries about completing the form, please email


A reminder to 2020 and 2021 providers completing the school census and ILR for new T Level students this autumn

Recording additional hours

Last year we confirmed in funding guidance that from the academic year 2022 to 2023, we expect you to deliver on average 40 more hours per annum on band 5 and T Level programmes than in academic year 2020 to 2021.

T Levels are 2-year programmes so you will need to make an increase of 80 hours. These additional hours must be recorded in your 2022 to 2023 data return.

Exception to 16 to 19 funding regulations: Our funding regulations set out that you:

  • must finalise and confirm planned hours for 16 to 19 students within the funding qualifying period
  • can only change the planned hours when
    • there is a recording error
    • the student completes one study programme and starts another in the same academic year

For 2022 to 2023 only, there is one more exception: You can change the planned hours for T Level students who are in their second year of study so that you can accurately record the additional hours we expect you to deliver.

How to record the hours

If you do not record the additional hours for these students correctly, they may fall into a lower funding band. This will affect your funding.

  • First-year T Level students: you must include the additional hours in the overall planned hours recorded in that year.
  • Second-year T Level students: you must amend the existing hours in order to record the additional hours in 2022 to 2023, by increasing the planned hours by 40 hours.


T Level Alumni Panel

This is the last chance to join our new TLevel Alumni Panel ! We still have a few spots left.

We are looking for graduated students from all 2020 TLevel routes to join this panel to give insight, provide feedback and act as advocates for T Levels.

This would be a great opportunity for the students to network, provide feedback directly to government and it will also help them to develop their presentational skills and add value to their CVs.

If you have students that could be interested in joining the TLevel Alumni Panel, please email  with their name, email address and which T Level the student did and we will be able to send them more information.


T Level teaching resources

Resources produced by the awarding organisations for all TLevel routes can be found here.

As well as the resources made available by awarding organisations to support T Level delivery, providers might be interested to know that Hodder Education have published a range print and digital materials.  These are not endorsed in any way by DfE, but further details can be found at  T Levels homepage (


Awarding Organisations Updates


T Level Technical Qualification in Catering – TQ Specification

Highfield is producing a qualification specification for the T Level Technical Qualification in Catering as a guide for providers. This specification contains all the information needed to deliver this brand-new qualification and sets out the knowledge, understanding, skills and behaviours that students need to learn.

In October 2022, Highfield will be releasing the TQ Specification to all providers eligible to deliver the Catering T Level programme from 2023. To ensure you are granted access to this early release, your details must be registered with Highfield before 30 September 2022.

To register your details, please email

City & Guilds

The booking window to register new learners is still open. Providers should register leaners between 1 September – 1 November 2022 to avoid late fees.

With the upcoming autumn series assessment, Technical Advisors from Onsite Construction and Building Services Engineering are running a webinar covering all aspects of this assessment on 12 October 2022. Providers who will be booking learners on to the autumn series are encouraged attend the webinar, however it is open to all providers should they wish to discover more about T Level assessments. You can register for this event here: Registration (

The event plans for the next 12 months across all T Level pathways for both in-delivery and pre-delivery providers are now available on the City & Guilds website. Events and webinars - T Levels | City & Guilds (




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