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Case study

Case study: planning the student journey with Strode College

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Providers that have been delivering the first and second wave of T Levels have put in a great amount of time and attention into developing and implementing the T Level student journey. This resource will give you an insight into how schools and colleges have managed to successfully plan a brand-new T Level curriculum and key personal advice to support your planning.

Who is this resource for?

This resource is for people that will be involved in the planning and delivery of T Levels from a school or college provider type setting. This includes senior leaders, middle managers and delivery staff.

How to use this resource

This school and provider case study will focus around four key sections of the T Level student journey. By watching the full 11 minute video, you will gain valuable insights from senior leaders, middle managers, delivery staff, employers and students. 

  • Marketing & Recruitment

  • Enrolment & Induction

  • On-Programme & Delivery

  • Exit & Progression

Video length: 11 minutes 21 seconds

Video transcript

If you would like to look at the specific themes within each section, you can click on the individual links below. 

Senior Leader:

1. What was your T Level curriculum intent?  

2. How have you utilised T Level Capital Funding and what has been the impact?           

Middle Managers:

3. How important is it actively engage with prospective T Level students and parents? 

4. What do you engage with students and schools to promote T Levels?       

Senior Leader & Middle Manager:

5. What is your careers-focussed interview process?


6. What support and guidance did you receive when applying to study a T Level?  

Middle Managers:

7. What is the significance of early employer engagement in planning T Levels?

8. How can employers and external organisations actively engage and feed into the curriculum?


9. How did you hear about T Levels?

10. What do you like about the structure and delivery of T Levels?

Middle Managers:

11. What is the T Level induction process?   

12. How do you ensure that T Level students are ready for their Industry Placement?


13. How do you induct T Level students into the workplace?

14. How do you support T Level students whilst on industry placement?

Middle Managers:

15. What do you do to support students plan for their next steps and positive progression?  


16. What are your next steps and how have T Levels supported you?

Middle Manager:

17. What impact has T Levels had on student development?

Senior Leader:

18. How did you overcome any staff skill challenges in delivery of T Levels?

Senior Leader & Middle Manager:

19. What advice would you give to new T Level providers?

Senior Leader:

 20. What has been the greatest success of T Levels?

Top tips from Strode College

  • talk to other providers and share experience
  • analyse the specification in great detail and develop the staff
  • engage with as many employers as possible
  • keep communicating

Useful resources and links

Strode College T Level case studies

A checklist to download and help you plan next steps in developing and implementing the student journey in your organisation.

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