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Case study

Case study: planning the student journey with Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College

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Providers that have been delivering the first and second wave of T Levels have put in a great amount of time and attention into developing and implementing the T Level student journey. This resource will give you an insight into how schools and colleges have managed to successfully plan a brand-new T Level curriculum and key personal advice to support your planning.

Who is this resource for?

This resource is for people that will be involved in the planning and delivery of T Levels from a school or college provider type setting. This includes senior leaders, middle managers and delivery staff.

How to use this resource

This case study focuses on how Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College planned its T Level student journey. By watching the complete 10 minute video, you will gain valuable insights from senior leaders and middle managers, employers and students. 


Video length: 10 minutes

Video transcript

If you would like to look at the specific responses listed, click on the individual links below. 

Overall T Level strategy

Marketing and recruitment

Student view

Employer insight

T Level logoed image stating Effectively I was playing catch because he was moving too fast for me

Planning the placement

What were the challenges?

  1. Technical nature of the course. The way of working. Workplace focus with fewer student restrictions 
  2. Timing and length of placements with employers
  3. Building professional environment skills

T Level logoed image with provider quote We need to plan our lessons around what works well for the empoyers and their placements, so if that means an employer needs the students for 9 weeks, we have to make sure curriculum fits around this=

Top tips from Notre Dame Sixth Form College

  • Plan early
  • Be flexible – timetabling, staffing
  • Collaborate
  • Get buy in from the staff
  • Place staff out in industry
  • Hire an employer engagement team member and reach out to the HR team and directors of organisations – pick up the phone!
  • The T Level does not have to fit your usual curriculum plan, you can teach it holistically and in any order you want
  • Think about your specialist equipment and apply early

T Level logoed image stating There are thinkgs that Adam has been learning in his course and learning during the time we've worked together, where he has trained me

Useful resources and links

Action plan for considering different curriculum models

Approaches to marketing T Levels

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