How to access the Manage T Level Results service

How do I request access to this service?

As an end user, you must request access to a service in order to use that service through your DfE Sign in account.

Here's how to request access to a service:

  1. Visit the DfE Sign in page
  2. Go to 'services'.
  3. Select 'request access to a service' from the 'related actions' list.
  4. Select the service you'd like to access.
  5. Select the Manage T Level results service or role (if applicable).
  6. Press the 'request service' button on the review page.
  7. Wait until approval has been provided.

How do I add this service to my account?

To add this service to your account you need to be an approver.

If you have approver status, follow these few steps to add a service to your account:

  1. Go to 'services'.
  2. Choose 'add services to my account' from the related actions list on the right.
  3. Select the Manage T Level results service and press the continue button.
  4. Select the forms or roles you require and press continue.
  5. The Manage T Level results service will now be visible on the services dashboard, ready to use.

For approvers:

How do I approve a request?

There are two types of request you may be asked to approve: organisation requests, and service requests.

How to approve an organisation request

  1. Go to 'requests' (you can find this at the top in the navigation bar).
  2. Select the request you would like to approve or review.
  3. Read the request review page carefully.
  4. If you are confident the request should be approved, select 'approve'.
  5. The user will receive an email informing them of their approval.

How to approve a service access request

  1. On the 'service requested' email, click the 'approve' button
  2. Sign in to DfE Sign-in, if needed
  3. Review the service request
  4. Approve the request
  5. The end user will receive an email confirming their approval, and will now be able to access the approved service

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