Record T Level component results

All T Level component results must be recorded in the Manage T Level results service.

The Manage T Level results service is used to aggregate component registration and results data for T Levels in order to calculate overall results and issue T Level certificates to learners.

Providers (for example, schools and colleges) are responsible for recording learners':

  • English and maths attainment
  • industry placement completion status

Technical qualification results can only be recorded by awarding organisations (also known as exam boards).

Roles and requirements

  1. Only provider staff members with the ‘Learner Records Editor’ role can record non-technical component results.
  2. Learner Records Editors can only record non-technical T Level component results after the awarding organisation has registered the learner into the Manage T Level results service.

How to record a T Level component result

Select ‘Manage learner T Level records’ from the dashboard in the Manage T Level results service. You’ll need to know:

  • the learner’s unique learner number (ULN)
  • what English and maths qualifications and grades the learner has achieved, if they qualified outside England or Wales
  • if the learner has completed their industry placement

When recording a learner’s results for the first time, you will need to select ‘Add a new learner T Level record’.

To change a result you’ve already recorded, select ‘Update a learner T Level record’.

English and maths attainment

Students are required to work towards the attainment of maths and English if they have not already achieved grade 4 at GCSE, as they do on other 16 to 19 programmes.

In most cases, a learner’s English and maths qualifications will be automatically retrieved from the Learning Records Service (LRS). Providers will only need to provide English and maths attainment information where the learner has achieved an equivalent qualification outside England and Wales.

Industry placements and special considerations

When a learner completes their industry placement, it should be recorded as ‘completed’ on the learner’s T Level record.

Students may experience difficult circumstances during their placement, which means they are unable to complete the minimum placement hours before the end of the 2nd year. Providers have the discretion to apply special consideration in some exceptional circumstances where students have demonstrated sufficient progress towards their learning goals but have not completed the minimum placement hours.

The full list of special consideration criteria is published in Section 5 of the T Level industry placements: delivery guidance.

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