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How to update T Level course information

If you're a provider offering a T Level that started in 2020 or 2021, or is due to start 2022, you can now update your course details directly using the National Careers Service’s Publish to the course directory service

The service allows you to update information on T Levels you are offering, along with other courses, to ensure students can easily access up-to-date information that is relevant to them. 

The information you add to the service will be automatically published on the T Levels website and the National Careers Service’s Find a course service, giving you one easy way to update course information across both sites. Please check your information regularly and add anything that's missing.  

The video below shows you how the service works: 

Video transcript

Published to the course directory is a service from the National Career Service, where providers add course, apprenticeship and more recently T Levels information. This video is to help you as a provider, understand the changes we have made to publish to the course directory as a provider of T Levels. This information is used by students and citizens when searching for courses on the National Career Service, Find a Course and helping enhance their career opportunities. If you are a T Levels provider, you will be given access to the T Levels that you are eligible to offer at this time. For this launch, we have already set up your publish to the course directory account with T Levels information for 2021. This means that your T Levels information has been published on the National Career Service, Find a course and T Levels campaign site.

You can add more T Levels and you can edit the existing information.

We have included exemplar content for each T Level to help get you started.

We have added the venues for your T Levels based on the data you have provided for the T Levels campaign site. This means that you no longer have to email changes to the T Levels team and are in control of your data on published to the course directory. All courses have been given a generic start date of the 1st of September 2021.

Any information that is standard for a T Level is not included but will be displayed on Find a Course and the T Levels campaign site.

For example, the cost description is the same for all, therefore, we have saved you the time of having to input this. Any changes published on published to the course directory are automatically updated to Find a Course. The T Levels campaign site is updated overnight. As more T Levels become available, access will be provided to enable you to add these to publish to the course directory and displayed to students and citizens on find a course and the T Levels campaign site.

If you have any questions please email our support team or call the number to speak to someone.

If you have any questions about updating your course information, please contact or call 0844 811 5073.



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