Introductory presentation for employers

This resource is for employer engagement staff. This is an editable PowerPoint slide pack containing key messaging for employers about T Levels and industry placements.  
The presentation structure includes: 
  • Introduction to our students, T Levels and industry placements 
  • Answering any initial questions
  • Gauging employer interest in working with your school or college 
Key T Level messages have been included throughout; however, each slide is editable to customise it to your specific T Level offer.
Branding has been kept to a minimum to allow you to apply your own logo’s, imagery and style, however, where possible please align this to the T Level Branding Guidance.
Throughout the slides <xxx> is used to indicate where an insertion of specific detail is required by you. Please overtype this and remove the highlighting. There may be further guidance and / or speaker notes within the notes section of each slide.  
When presenting an introduction on T Levels to a new employer or group of employers you will need to think carefully about what information you want to convey, what questions they might have, and whether you have a strong call to action. 
Be prepared 
You can use the downloadable presentation as a starting point to develop your own which will be relevant to your organisation and the T Levels you offer When doing this you may wish to consider the following questions:
  • Are you prepared; do you have a comprehensive understanding of what T Levels are? Will you be able to answer employers questions on the day?
  • Can you articulate the benefits to employersHave you got any examples of these from employers who have worked with you previously? 
  • Can you explain how T Levels are industry relevant, do you have any examples of collaboration with employers that you could share?
  • Can you demonstrate the high-quality training your T Level students receive/undertake?
  • How flexible are your curriculum teams on industry placement models – you may need to manage expectations from the start! 
  • Are you confident in being able to address concerns about common challenges or concerns employers raise with T Levels? 
  • Is the presentation aimed at a particular sectorYou may wish to tailor the content so that it feels relevant.  
  • Do you have a good understanding of how the relationship between your organisation and the employer will develop and the stages of engagement needed to host their first industry placement and sustain this beyond?
By addressing these questions you will be in a strong position to confidently introduce T Levels and Industry Placements to employers and demonstrate the value they can bring to their organisation and the broader industry – remember first impressions count! 
Good luck 

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