What can T Level providers do?

As well as providing students with threshold occupational competence to directly enter skilled employment, T Levels make great preparation for related technical undergraduate degrees with 510 T Level students entering HE in 2022. Many HE providers are competitive, with high entry requirements for some courses and additional requirements, such as a portfolio or entrance exam alongside an application. We would encourage providers to support students with their HE journeys early on, so they are able to be realistic about the possibilities of progression. If a student is unsure about whether an HE provider will consider their T Level for entry onto a certain course, the admissions office should be contacted directly in the first instance.

Some HE providers may request further information about T Level content before deciding on their admissions policy.  Supporting your local HE providers directly by delivering presentations to faculties on T Level content and rigour may support them to decide and publish entry requirements.  Additionally, it can be a good opportunity to build relationships between schools/colleges and local HE providers.

The department has been engaging many universities across the UK directly on T Levels, and if you would like to suggest specific institutions that the department should approach, we ask that you email routesreadiness.te@education.gov.uk.

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