Add the Connect with employers interested in T Levels to your DfE sign in account today

To align our new Connect with employers interested in T Levels service with other DfE services, you now need to add the service to your DfE sign in account. 

You will need a DfE Sign-in account and an assigned role.  A user can be given more than one role. 

How it works

  1. Create/register for a DfE sign-in account -
  2. Once your account is created, login and request an organisation (Your organisations approver will give you access and you can see who your approvers are)
  3. Request access to the service T Levels -Connect with Employers  


Your approver can grant you access and then from this point, you should be able to login directly here:

Please contact the T Levels Service team by emailing if you have any queries. 

We recently introduced a number of enhancements which means you can now:

  • search by skill areas
  • filter your searches by distance from your postcode

You also have the ability to create notifications for when new registrations are listed including:

  • setting the frequency of notifications e.g. Immediately, Daily or Weekly
  • setting notifications for the Y Levels you are delivering/looking to deliver
  • selecting a suitable distance from your location e.g. 5 miles or 50 miles
  • create notifications for colleagues by T Level or industry sector

There are over 65 employer registrations of interest in the service covering a wide range of T Levels across England. Set up your access to the service as below or login now 

The video demo below shows how the service works:

Video length: 8 minutes 10 seconds


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