Update on provider requests to deliver T Level Transition Programmes (TLTP) ahead of T Levels

We expect delivery of TLTP to begin at the same time as, or later than, you start to deliver T Levels in a specified route. To note, you should not deliver TLTP in routes for which you are not yet delivering T Levels. This is because we are still in the early stages of delivery of the programme and it is important, not only that your TLTP is shaped by your experience of developing and delivering T Levels, but also that students have a T Level available to progress to.

Some of you have asked if you can start to deliver TLTP in advance of the T Levels. We’ve considered this request and have decided to allow delivery of TLTP ahead of T Levels providing certain conditions are met. In order to deliver TLTP in advance of the T Level you should:

  • already have some experience of TLTP delivery (currently this applies to Round 1, 2 and 3 TLTP providers);
  • intend to deliver T Levels in the TLTP route the following year – so that students have a relevant T Level to progress onto;
  • correctly record relevant students as being on TLTP on the ILR and School Census;
  • inform your AoC adviser of your plans to deliver TLTP early and of the routes you intend to deliver them in.

We strongly recommend that you also:

  • access Technical Focus Group (TFG) support for the new routes you are developing – you can find the details of these here, and
  • cascade the learning from the TFGs and wider support across your organisation as part of fostering a whole institution approach to the TLTP

If you have any questions, please speak to your dedicated AoC adviser in the first instance.

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