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This is a new service - help us to improve it

How can this website help T Level colleges and schools?


As we improve the online support we offer to colleges and schools providing T Levels, we've created a short video to explain how you can use this website.

Support with delivering T Levels - introductory video

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Over the past few months we’ve been working on a new service: ‘Support with delivering T Levels’. This replaces Sharepoint as the digital support solution for T Level providers.

At its core, this is a help centre:

  • we’ve moved all the important support materials from Sharepoint onto a new website
  • we’ve reorganised these materials into intuitive categories
  • we’ve made each document easy to understand ‘at a glance’
  • ...and easy to find through search

We now have a way for providers to sign up for and automatically receive news updates without us having to manage a mailing list.

And we can do useful things like embed videos into a page so providers can catch up on training or workshops they might have missed.

The new service will soon also have a discussion forum. This is a place for providers to network online about delivering T Levels:

  • providers can sort discussions by most activity or recent activity
  • they can search for discussions that might help them
  • they can join in with discussions started by other providers
  • ...or start their own

And as these conversations get going, they can see which replies are from the community, and which are official responses from us

Anyone can view the discussions, but only people working for approved T Level providers will be able to post.So what’s the long-term vision for this service? Where do we hope it will be in future?

In short, we see ‘Support with delivering T Levels’ becoming the first port of call for any and all T Level provider questions.

Support with delivering T Levels - infographic

We've also created an infographic summarising the service. 


Download a high-resolution version using the link below.