Role Description for industry placement students


This tool supports employers and employer engagement colleagues working in partnership to develop an outline role description for the industry placement. 

A placement role description shows the student what their job role is while they are on their industry placement.

It outlines what the student will do and what their responsibilities are. It helps the provider choose the right student for the placement or the student to select the placements they are most interested in, depending on the agreed process. For the employer, it also tells supervisors and other people in the business what the student’s job involves. 

The role description should be drafted at the preparation stage.



Employer engagement colleagues can share one of the T Level specific worked-up example pdf documents with an employer and then populate the role description blank template for, or with, the employer (as agreed). 

Page one of the role description blank template provides guidance, tips, and prompts to consider under the headings: the organisation; role and key responsibilities and student specification. This guidance can be removed once the role description is drafted. 

It is a good idea to use a suitable employer image and the logo of the business to personalise the role description, using your own images will help to make it locally relevant and will make the document more interesting for your students.

It’s advisable to write a placement role description for each student, which links to the development objectives and learning goals agreed with the student and your college or school. 

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