Setting up and maintaining digital promotion tools for employers

Setting up

There are three essential digital information sources for employers to find out about your T Level offer, so make sure you are maximising these tools to bring employer interest to you! 

It is useful to get these set up accurately and as early as possible as many employers like to plan well in advance: T Level searches to ‘find a provider’ run from data supplied by you, the provider, in the Course Directory. Course Directory Guidance:
Interested employers can invite providers to contact them, via the Connect Service. Details of the Connect Service: Get started:
Provider website searches – have you as a provider developed relevant T Level information for employers and is it easy to find from your welcome page? Can employers easily see how to contact you if they are interested? Promote your T Level offer on your website 


Maintaining your digital information:

It’s a great idea every few months to test the information publicly available to employers to ensure it accurately represents your T Level offer. Forward plan this in your diary as out of date information can be frustrating and not a positive way to start an employer relationship.

Make the following enquiries:

Stage One - Course Directory Enquiry

Question: Can employers find your offer?

Action: Click here and enter your postcode or town in the search bar:

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Question: Is the offer up to date and does it include both your current T Level offer and what will be available from next September? 
If yes, click through to the supplied provider website link as if you are an enquiring employer. Do you land on a webpage that is designed for employers and /or is it easy to spot information on Industry Placements and how to make an enquiry?  If not, make a request to get this organised. Link to resource: Promote your T Level offer on your website If no, find out who in your provider organisation is responsible for updating the Course Directory and has the log-in details. Work with them to get the relevant T Levels added / amended. 

Guidance - Keep course directory up to date

Stage Two – Connect Service Enquiry

Question: Are you / is your organisation registered to the Connect Service? 

As at March 2024, employers have registered over 2,000 opportunities since November 2022 – make sure you are not missing out on valuable leads.

Action: Find out if someone in your team has set this up and review if it is working as you would expect, e.g., are they checking it regularly and/or signed up for notifications. 

If you work as part of a team, it is important to discuss and agree how an enquiry from an employer through this service would be shared with you, if appropriate, and what the agreed internal ‘service standard’ is for responding. Lots of employer’s report that providers are not responding to them via this service which is obviously giving a negative perception. 

Further Support: The resources Employer enquiry handling and Developing your customer journey will help you to review this.

Connect Service Support:

If it is agreed that you can also register to the Connect service, you can do that here:

The approver in your organisation will need to approve you and if they need any help to approve a request, the details are here:

Further information about the Connect Service and it’s recent enhancements can be found here:

You can watch a short video that describes how the Connect service works:










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