Marketing channels


This resource is for employer engagement staff. It is designed to help you think through the different marketing channels or tactics you could deploy to engage employers. 


This tool helps you consider a wide variety of marketing channels you could select from to use to engage employers, this will be dependent upon your available resources.

Group exercise:

It is a good idea to discuss marketing channels with a group of colleagues, where possible, to help you think through the pros and cons of each option and where each channel might be used. 

This should be a fun exercise where you really consider all the opportunities out there. Don’t write anything off too early – explore the possibilities – and then hone in on what is realistic for your school or college. You might be surprised by the results.  

‘Your organisation’ tab and ‘example’ tab:

There are two tabs to the spreadsheet. An empty tab, that allows you to think through the marketing channels your own school or college might deploy and allow you justify your decision-making process to yourself and other stakeholders.

The second tab is completed for a theoretical school or college to provide inspiration. 

Useful links

Guidance for digital promotion to employers.

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